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Sartain's Menu.

Sartain's Menu Marinade
Sartain's Menu - THE SAUCE

Santa Barbara Salsa

Santa Barbara Roasted Pepper, Corn & Black Bean Salsa
Santa Barbara Roasted Garlic Salsa
Santa Barbara Artichoke Salsa
Santa Barbara Fire Roasted Chili Salsa
Santa Barbara Black Bean & Corn Salsa
Santa Barbara Peach & Chipotle Salsa
Santa Barabra Salsa Verde
Original Blend California Pepper Sauce
Santa Barbara Salsa's Taco Style California Pepper Sauce
Santa Barbara Habanero Lime Salsa
Santa Barabra Mango & Peach Salsa
Santa Barbara Salsa - Chile Relleno Salsa
Santa Barbara Cantina Style Salsa Taquera
Santa Barbara Cantina Style Salsa Mexicana
Santa Barbara Salsa's Tangy Apple Salsa
Santa Barbara Salsa's Jicama-Cucumber Salsa
Santa Barbara Salsa's Thai Fusion Salsa
Santa Barbara's Roasted Tomatillo Salsa
Santa Barbara Salsa's Chipotle-Pineapple Salsa
Santa Barbara "Medium" Salsa

Sacrmanto Cookie Factory

California Wine Wafer Cookies - Lemon Vanilla
California Wine Wafer Cookies - Mocha Chocolate
California Champagne Wafer Cookies - Raspberry Almond

Stella Cadenta Olive Oil Co.

Stella Cadente "Blood Orange Olive Oil"
Stella Cadente "Meyer Lemon Olive Oil"
Stella Cadente "Persian Lime Olive Oil"
Stella Cadente "Extra Virgin Olive Oil"
Stella Cadente’s Basil Olive Oil

The San Francisco Chocolate Factory

Wine Lover's Chocolate Collection: Three-Tin Set
The San Francisco Chocolate Factory Tin

Stewart & Jasper Almonds

Stewart & Jasper California Almonds - Balsamic Herb
Stewart & Jasper Flavored Almonds - Sun Dried Tomato
Stewart & Jasper Roasted Salted Almonds
Stewart & Jasper California Almonds - Asiago Cheese
Stewart & Jasper's Balsamic Herb Almonds
Stewart & Jasper's Sun Dried Tomato Almonds

Sharon Medler Art

Sharon Medler's Gift Card Set - Fall Splendor Grapes
Sharon Medler's California Beaches Gift Card set
Sharon Medler's Summer Fruit and Sunflowers Gift Card Set

Saddle Rock Clocks.

Dark Brown Marble Roman Dot Wall Clock
Green Marble Pendulum Clock
Apricot Slate Broken Edge Number Wall Clock
Ancient Slate Broken Edge Number Wall Clock
Sienna Limestone Square Wall Thermometer
Tumbled Marble Square/Square Number Wall Clock
Tumbled Marble Square Wall Thermometer
Dark Green Marble Roman Dot Wall Clock
Dark Brown Marble Wall Thermometer
Dark Green Marble Wall Thermometer

That's a Nice!

That's a nice! "olivetta" sicilian olive mix
That's a Nice! "Bacio" sicilian "kiss of garlic" spread
That's a Nice! "sugo BOOM" spicy sicilian pasta sauce
That's a Nice! "Rosa" sicilian tomato basil "crema" sauce
That's a Nice! Fagioli soup - Zuppa Tomato

Trees by Nancy

Small Wire Tree by Nancy
Large Wire Tree by Nancy

Tulocay and Company - Made in Napa Valley

Baja Marinade & Dipping Sauce
Yucatan Marinade & Dipping Sauce
Shanghai Marinade & Dipping Sauce
Thai Basil Marinade
Steak Sauce with Peaches
Made in Napa Valley Wine Country Crate
Made in Napa Valley - South of Z Border Crate
Made in Napa Valley - The Napa Valley Crate
Made in Napa Valley - Global Collection Rub Four Pack
Apple Chipolte Glaze
Korean Soy Ginger Marinade
Chimichurri Marinade
Mediterranean Tapenade
Hot Sweet Mustard with Champagne
Stone Ground Mustard with Cabernet
Dipping Oil Gift Pack - flavorful dipping oils
Balsamic Trio Gift pack - flavorful balsamic vinegars
Apricot Rosemary Glaze
Roasted Tomato with Balsamic Savory Condiment
Roasted Corn Condiment with Red Peppers
Made in Napa Valley - Herbed Rub Four Pack
Made in Napa Valley's Asian Trio
Made in Napa Valley - South of Z Border Trio
Made in Napa Valley Condiment Trio Gift Pack
Made in Napa Valley's Lemon Dill Vinaigrette
Made in Napa Valley - Spiced Pear Vinaigrette

Uncle Mush

Uncle Mush's Spectacular Seasoning
Uncle Mush's Cajun Style Seasoning
Uncle Mush's Pork and Lamb Seasoning

Violas Gourmet Goodies

Viola's Jalapeno Jelly
Viola's Baja Relish
Viola's California Relish
Viola's Pacific Rim Shot sauce
Viola's Hollywood Zinger sauce

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Featuring California Gourmet Foods and Gifts

Shop for the finest gourmet foods and gifts Made in California. Gift baskets, barbecue sauce, jams, jellies olive oil, sourdough, garlic, spices, salsa, hot sauce, balsamic, vinegar, sun-dried tomatoes, marinade, bbq sauce, relish, dipping sauces, lavendar, honey and much more all made in california.

Gourmet food gift basket barbecue sauce pepper jellies stuffed olives Bariani California organic olive oil balsamic vinegar marinade bbq sauce. Pickled olives beans asparagus kids cooking kits sourdough crock mixes bread muffen pancake waffles starter. Spices herb rub salt Gilroy garlic fiery hot sauces basque norte marinade sundried jelly jam habanero Jalapeno candy chocolate honey spread nut butter mustard barbeque sun-dried tomatoes pesto dried fruit veggies dipping sauces relish stone clocks lavender bath & body lotions candles and soaps books Primo goldrush Mendocino iveta Viola Big Acres Carol Hall Santa Barbara Salsa La Tourangelle Caramel Sin farms Thyme Herb Moonshine Perfect Pear Tulocay Napa Sonoma wine coasters art music. grown "made in California" products.

We are searching for the finest products California has to offer. From the coastal fishing villages to farms of the central valley to the high sierra; if it's made, grown or caught in California we are trying to bring it to you !!

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