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Home > Gourmet Foods > Vinegars

Bariani California Balsamic Vinegar - 500 ml (16.9fl.oz.)
Code: BOO005
Price: $12.99
Quantity in Basket: none
Bariani's California Balsamic Vinegar
True to the traditional process, Bariani's balsamic vinegar is made from Trebbiano grapes and aged in barrels of various woods. Its complex and semi-sweet flavor make it a favorite in salads, with peaches or as a vinaigrette. 500 ml (16.9fl.oz.)glass bottle

Made in California Sweet Balsamic Mustard
Code: MIC007
Price: $5.49
Quantity in Basket: none
Made in California™ Sweet Balsamic Mustard. A versatile Mustard not just for your favorite sandwich, but brings a wonderful flavor when used as a glaze for hot baked ham. Try it on corned beef and cabbage too!!
INGREDIENTS: Mustard (water, mustard seed, vinegar, salt, sugar, spices), Balsamic Vinegar, Brown Sugar. (zero fat, zero cholesterol, only 2g Carbs per serving)
8oz glass jar

Pacifica Culinaria's Dark Sweet Cherry Balsamic Vinegar
Code: PC10
Price: $11.90
Quantity in Basket: none
Pacifica Culinaria's Dark Sweet Cherry Vinegars rich flavorful balsamic vinegar with dark sweet cherry is a perfect addition to any meal. Make a delicious salad dressing for greens with candied pecans and blue cheese or make a reduction sauce with some red wine.
8.5 FL.oz (250mL) glass bottle

O Olive Oil - Zinfandel Vinegar
Code: OOO-ZV
Price: $11.99
Quantity in Basket: none
O Olive Oil's Artisan Zinfandel Wine Vinegar

Elegant & refined. Handmade in small batches in the Orleans method and aged in oak barrels for over two years. Smoky spice and voluptuous cherry notes emerge from old vine California grapes in this spectacular artisan vinegar. Enjoy. Slowly.

Winner Outstanding Design at the International Fancy Food Show in New York City in 1997.

Drizzle over freshly sliced avocado. Sprinkle sea salt and fresh ground pepper.
6.8fl oz. (200mL) Glass bottle

O Olive Oil - O Cabernet Wine Vinegar
Price: $11.99
Quantity in Basket: none
O Olive Oil - O Cabernet Vinegar
Cabernet sauvignon grapes grown in Napa are crushed to make this ripe vinegar. Hand made and aged in oak barrels in the warm California sun. The deep red cherry notes with a hint of fresh plum make our artisan vinegar a favorite of chefs. Very popular.

Mix with Blood Orange Olive Oil, sea salt, red onion and toss with baby spinach. Adds flavor & complexity to ordinary tomato sauces and stews.
200 mL glass bottle

O Olive Oil - PortO Vinegar
Code: OOO-PV
Price: $11.99
Quantity in Basket: none
O Olive Oil - O Port Wine Vinegar. The New Balsamic. Fine port wine vinegar from Cabernet grapes grown in Napa Valley. Hand-crafted, aged 4 years. Smooth, sweet, and delicious!

Beautiful over poached pears. An amazing way to add brilliant flavor to baked apple pies. Splash over bruschetta brushed with O Ruby Grapefruit olive oil & farmstead blue cheese. Drizzle over fresh strawberries.
Pairs well with Blood Orange Olive Oil
6.8 fl oz.(200 mL) Glass bottle

O Olive Oil - O California White Balsamic Vinegar
Price: $11.99
Quantity in Basket: none
O California White Balsamic Vinegar

O Olive Oil's latest! Golden notes of apple, pear & almonds kiss our smooth and sweet white balsamic vinegar. Handmade in Sonoma from a blend of muscat & rare malvasia grapes. Sparkling, sweet, light & smooth, we age flavor in versus taking color out, as some do. Handmade in small batches. An artisan work of love.

Simple, healthy & delicious when mixed with O Clementine olive oil for a perfect citrus vinaigrette.Marinate fresh pears in O white balsamic for a couple of minutes & then add to a butter lettuce salad with toasted pecans. Dazzling.
Pairs well with O clementine olive oil

6.8fl oz. (200 mL) Glass bottle

O Olive Oil - O Pomegranate Champagne Vinegar
Price: $11.99
Quantity in Basket: none
O Olive Oil - O Pomegranate Champagne Vinegar

Sweet, round, and subtle. A hint of raspberries and faraway Mediterranean lands. Ripe and scarlet. California pomegranate steeped in barrel-aged champagne. Antioxidant rich and delicious!

Splash on spinach, feta and pecan salad. Punch up late summer stews and soups. Brush on roasted rosemary lemon chicken.

200 mL Glass bottle

O Olive Oil - O Pinot Noir Vinegar
Price: $11.99
Quantity in Basket: none
O Olive Oil - O pinot noir vinegar

Fine Napa Valley Pinot Noir aged to perfection in white oak barrels. Refined and complex with a hint of California black cherries. Like an elegant summer outing in Wine Country.

Delicious on fresh greens with shallots and toasted pecans. Adds depth to pasta sauces and marinades. Excitement to simple vinaigrettes. Brush on grilled steaks. Drizzle on sliced avocados with good sea salt and cracked pepper.

6.8oz (200 mL) Glass bottle

O Olive Oil - O Ginger Rice Vinegar
Price: $11.99
Quantity in Basket: none
O Olive Oil - O ginger rice vinegar

Fresh hand harvested gingerroot from Jamaica, Fiji, and India is steeped in the finest sweet California rice vinegar. Barrel-aged and hand-crafted. Fragrant and bright. Adds sparkle to Asian and Nuevo Latino inspired salads and noodle dishes. Delicious in julienned carrot and jicama salads.

200 mL glass bottle

O Olive Oil - O Yuzu Rice Vinegar
Price: $11.99
Quantity in Basket: none
O Olive Oil - O yuzu rice vinegar

Growing wild in China and Tibet, this unique citrus was introduced in Japan over 1000 years ago. Yuzu’s sweet and tart flavor was introduced by Japanese immigrants to California decades ago. Yuzu has the sweetness of Meyer Lemon with exotic echoes of lime, tangerine, and pine. Fragrant and bracing. We steep the pulp of this delicious citrus in sweet California rice vinegar in barrels and age over time.

Delicious over fresh cucumbers or sauted Asian mushrooms with soy sauce and sesame oil.

6.8fl oz (200 mL) glass bottle

O Olive Oil - O Citrus Champagne Vinegar
Price: $11.99
Quantity in Basket: none
O Olive Oil's Citrus Champagne Vinegar

Regional California champagne aged with a twist of fresh lemon. Bright, crisp, light & dry. The distinctive sparkling flavor has made this one of our best selling vinegars.

Delicious over summer salads with blood orange slices. Splash over grilled shrimp & sea salt. $12

200ml (6.8 fl oz)Glass bottle

O Olive Oil - California Cuvee Champagne Vinegar
Price: $11.99
Quantity in Basket: none
O California Cuvee Champagne vinegar
A sparkling cuvee blend of select California varietals. Aging in white oak barrels removes the bubbles and enhances the bright aromas and flavors.
Delicious on summer salads with blood oranges or in a vinaigrette with sea salt and cracked pepper. 200ml (6.8 fl oz) glass bottle

O Olive Oil's Honey Apple Cider Vinegar
Price: $11.99
Quantity in Basket: none
O Olive Oil's Honey Apple Cider Vinegar

The comforting aroma and rich taste of ripe Sonoma apples drenched in late harvest honey. Sparkling apple cider and the purity of honey create timeless flavors of health and wonder. Round and sweet with just the right tartness.
200ml (6.8 fl oz ) glass bottle

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