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Home > Gourmet Foods > Barbecue

Made in CA Classic Buffalo Wing Sauce
Code: MIC050
Price: $5.29
Quantity in Basket: none
Made in California's Classic Buffalo Wing Sauce

A unique and tasty, medium heat wing sauce with a buttery finish and crushed chile peppers.
Drench your deep fried wings in it.
Slather on chicken for Buffalo-style sandwich.
12 oz glass bottle

Red Tail Ale Original BBQ Sauce
Code: MB02
Price: $5.99
Quantity in Basket: none
Mendocino Brewing Company's All Natural Red Tail Ale BBQ Sauce - Original Tangy BBQ

Delicious Red Tail Ale BBQ Sauces are made from the famous Red Tail Ale. A bold, hearty flavor, Red Tail BBQ Sauce will set your taste buds tingling.

A favorite of 'Tail'gating parties everywhere, these big 18 oz. bottles will please your entire team!

Red Tail Ale Original Tangy BBQ Sauce: Deep red in color, with a bold hearty flavor.

All Natural Ingredients: catsup, brown sugar, mustard, vinegar, natural smoke flavor, onion, garlic, spices, Red Tail Ale, salt
18 oz bottle

Lazy Kettle All-Natural Liquid Smoke
Code: LK123
Price: $4.49
Quantity in Basket: none
Lazy Kettle All-Natural Liquid Smoke

All Natural Hickory Liquid Smoke. No sodium. No soy sauce. Nothing artificial. Pure smoke! Did we mention this was salt-free?

This concentrated liquid smoke is unique. Lazy Kettle Brand All-Natural Liquid Smoke's rich hickory flavor adds a wonderful, smokey flavor to all your favorite foods.

When would you use liquid smoke? If you are cooking indoors, but want the flavor of the open grill, just add a few drops of smoke on your meat. A drop in the bean dip will add a wonderful flavor. We use it in ketchup for our burgers. Guys that like making beef or venison jerkey use our smoke in the seasoning. When you make your marinade, use smoke for that out of doors flavor. Add some to your store-bought BBQ sauce, marinade, or dressing.

You can use it whenever a rich, hickory smoke flavor is desired.

Liquid smoke is real smoke, and all-natural. Wonderful stuff! Salt Free, and Junk Free!

5oz bottle

Primo's Gourmet Foods - Thai Peanut Sauce
Code: primo64000
Price: $5.99
Quantity in Basket: none
Primo's Gourmet Foods - THAI PEANUT SAUCE

Use on bbq pork or chicken as a glaze or create a wonderful oriental salad dressing.

Ingredients: Water, Peanut Butter (peanuts, dextrose, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, salt), Sugar, Soy Sauce, (water, wheat, soybeans, salt), Sesame Oil, Soybean Oil, White Wine Vinegar, Tomato Paste, Peanuts, Garlic Puree (garlic, vinegar), Spices, Onion Powder, Xanthan Gum

12oz jar

Spicy Roasted Garlic Barbecue Sauce
Code: MIC033
Price: $5.49
Quantity in Basket: none
Made in California's Spicy Roasted Garlic Barbecue Sauce -

What else has to be said? Barbecue sauce with roasted garlic, my mouth is watering already.

Ingredients: tomato paste, brown sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, roasted garlic, chile powder, mustard powder, onion powder, sea salt, hickory smoke flavor, garlic powder, chile peppers, Natural spices, Worcestershire Sauce, contains soybeans.
Net WT 13oz (369g) glass bottle

Made in California's Smoky BBQ sauce with Bacon
Code: MIC032
Price: $5.49
Quantity in Basket: none
Made in California's Smoky Barbecue Sauce with Real Bacon -

We all use barbecue sauce on our meat, why not put one of the best tasting meats in our barbecue sauce? Made in California uses over 20 different ingredients to make this super barbecue sauce.

Net WT 13oz (369g) glass bottle.

Primo's Gourmet Foods - Tuscan Rub
Code: primo12700
Price: $6.99
Quantity in Basket: none
Primo's Gourmet Foods - TUSCAN RUB

Use this salt free Italian spice on roasted chicken, sauces or on roasted veggies.

Ingredients: Basil, Marjoram, Rosemary, Oregano, Bay Leaves and Sage

2 oz shaker jar

Made in California Smokey Raspberry Chipotle Barbecue Sauce
Code: MIC001
Price: $5.49
Quantity in Basket: none
Made in California™ Smokey Raspberry Chipotle Barbeque Sauce. A taste to delight anyone. The smokiness of Chipotle peppers and the sweetness of red raspberry, what a great combination! It's great on all white meats, fresh fish, and use it to spice up a burger. Makes a great dipping sauce for chicken, mozzarella sticks or just chips, too. 12oz glass bottle.

Ingredients: Tomato puree (water, tomato paste), brown sugar, water, cider & distilled Vinegar, soy sauce ( water, wheat, soybeans, salt), hot sauce (peppers, vinegar, salt), natural raspberry flavor, salt, hickory smoke flavor, chipotle peppers, modified food starch, dehydrated garlic, dehydrated onions, spices, Worcestershire sauce base (natural spices, distilled vinegar, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, natural flavors).

Primo's Gourmet Foods - NO SALT Grill Mix
Code: primo12900
Price: $6.99
Quantity in Basket: none
Primos Gourmet Foods - NO SALT GRILL MIX
Just simply a **SALT FREE** version of Primo's Grill Mix Spice. Enough said!

Ingredients: Spices, garlic, onion, paprika, parsley.

4oz shaker jar

Primo's Gourmet Foods - Habanero Rub
Code: primo13100
Price: $6.99
Quantity in Basket: none
Primo's Gourmet Foods - HABANERO RUB

For you hot lovers, Primo's Habanero Rub is great on steaks, chicken, and pork, also great on a salad. Use about one hour prior to cooking.

Ingredients: Salt, spices, garlic, habanero chili, onion, parsley, paprika extractives and spice extractives.

7oz shaker jar

Primo's Gourmet Foods - Grill Mix Seasoning
Code: primo12800
Price: $6.99
Quantity in Basket: none
Primo's Gourmet Foods - GRILL MIX SEASONING

A unique blend of garlic and herbs specifically designed for barbecuing beef. Experiment by adding this to your favorite soup and salad recipes.

Ingredients: Salt, spices, garlic, onion, parsley, paprika, spice extractives.

7oz shaker jar

Primo's Gourmet Foods - Garlic Rage-En Cajun Spice
Code: primo12000
Price: $6.99
Quantity in Basket: none
Primos Gourmet Foods - GARLIC RAGE-EN CAJUN
A journey from Italy to Louisiana inspired this blend of garlic and spices. Sprinkle over fish, poultry or make your favorite Cajun dishes - - but be careful - - this can be HOT!

Ingredients: Spices, garlic, paprika, onion and silicon dioxide (less than 2% added as anti-caking agent).

***SALT FREE*** 4oz shaker jar

Primo's Gourmet Foods - Mild Barbeque Sauce
Code: primo60000
Price: $5.99
Quantity in Basket: none
Primo's Gourmet Foods - MILD BARBEQUE SAUCE

A Kansas City style BBQ sauce with a strong hickory flavor. Great on pork, chicken and beef.

Catsup, Brown Sugar, Smoke Flavor, Water, Mustard, Garlic, Vinegar, Worchestershire, Spice, Salt, Onion Puree

12oz glass jar

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Quantity in Basket: none

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