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Carol Hall's Hot Pepper Jelly Company Carol Hall's Pepper Jelly
From Fort Bragg, California comes Carol Hall's wonderful jams, pepper jellies, wine jellies, marmalades, syrups, dessert toppings, chutneys, mustards and more...
When you taste Carols products, you experience a taste far superior to the crowd of other products on the shelf. Why? All of Carol Hall's products are handmade in small batches using the finest and freshest ingredients. Small batches (about 30 jars per batch) allow them incredible control over flavor, color and texture. That's why they taste so good!

Carol Hall's Jams, Jellies & More

Home > Shop by Brand Names > Carol Hall's Jams, Jellies & More

Carol Hall's Natural Mint Jelly
Code: CH003
Price: $8.99
Quantity in Basket: none
Carol Hall's Natural Mint Jelly
Real color and natural flavor. If you love chops or roast lamb with mint jelly, then try our jelly made with all natural golden juices and real mint leaves and flavor.
10 oz glass jar

Carol Hall's Mango Pepper Jelly
Code: CH006
Price: $6.99
Quantity in Basket: none
Carol Hall's Mango Pepper Jelly - Tropical flavors dance together in this snappy pepper jelly. Partner it with Brie and crackers, glaze grilled fish and roasted vegetables as a dipping sauce for popcorn shrimp..
8 oz glass jar

Carol Hall's Jalapeno Pepper Jelly
Code: CH007
Price: $6.99
Quantity in Basket: none
Carol Hall's Jalapeno Pepper Jelly
Carol Hall's original flavors. Colorful, sweet and full of jalapeńo flavor to add a spicy touch to your favorite sausage, gumbo or shrimp Creole dish.
8 oz glass jar

Carol Hall's Red Pepper Jelly
Code: CH008
Price: $6.99
Quantity in Basket: none
Carol Hall's Red Pepper Jelly
Carol Hall's best-selling Pepper Jelly. Bright red and full of hot and sweet flavor. Beautiful canapé on crackers with cream cheese or melted and poured over a chicken before baking for some of Carol Hall's Southern Magic.
8 oz glass jar

Carol Hall's Roasted Garlic Pepper Jelly
Code: CH009
Price: $6.99
Quantity in Basket: none
Carol Hall's Roasted Garlic Pepper Jelly
For all the garlic lovers out there. A hot, sweet, garlicky flavor good with chops, roasts and on a roast beef sandwich.
8 oz glass jar

Carol Hall's Mendocino Spicy Tartar Sauce
Code: CH19
Price: $7.99
Quantity in Basket: none
Carol Hall's Mendocino Spicy Tartar Sauce
Those people that live next to the ocean know how to make it right. Carol Hall's Mendocino Tartar Sauce is great on all fish, shellfish or shrimp; but also makes a great veggie dip or try it on Chicken. Mendocino Tartar Sauce comes in regular and spicy.
19 oz (296ml) glass jar

Carol Hall's Ranch Marinade
Code: CH20
Price: $7.99
Reg. Price: $7.99
Quantity in Basket: none
Carol Hall's Ranch Marinade
"Stroh Ranch Marinade" began in the kitchens of Pat Denny and Jeanette Stroh back in 1991. Ever since that day the Stroh Ranch Marinade has been a success! Featured in TASTE OF HOME and COUNTRY AMERICA magazines, the marinade has customers from all over the United States.

The Stroh Ranch Original Marinade recipe was sold to Carol Hall's Hot Pepper Jelly Company located in Fort Bragg, California. The marinade recipe is now produced by Carol Hall's Hot Pepper Jelly Company under a different label and it is now called Carol Hall's Ranch Marinade.
12.7 Fl oz (375ml) Glass bottle

View from the Porch
View of Stroh Ranch from the Porch

Where It All Began...
The Story of P.J.'s Gourmet

Stroh Ranch, home of PJ's Gourmet, is a beautiful 500 acre ranch in Potter Valley, in eastern Mendocino County. The ranch produces hay and sweet corn and has cattle, dogs, cats, four horses, rolling hills of Valley Oaks, and an abundance of wildlife. Marching Cows

Ken and Jeanette Stroh moved there in March, 1967, with their daughters Kathy and Debbie. The family built a commercial catering kitchen on the ranch in 1989 and Jeanette's Country Cooking was born. Jeanette and her longtime friend Pat Denny worked together on a marinade to complement BBQ tri-tip roasts that the catering business is known for all over Mendocino County. The marinade was so popular that Pat and Jeanette decided to start their own company, PJ's Gourmet. On December 4, 1991, they began to sell Stroh Ranch Marinade. In the fall of 1997, Pat sadly passed away. Jeanette's daughter Debbie, who lives on the ranch with her husband and daughter, became her mom's partner in 1998. Jeanette and Debbie began making Stroh Ranch Blackberry Jam in 2000 for their mailing list customers only, and later added Razzleberry Jam and Raspberry Jam. They released two new sauces in 2001: Stroh Ranch Smoky Jalapeno Honey Sauces, Hot and Mild. In January 2005 Jeanette passed away.

As a tribute to her Mom, Debbie wrote a cookbook and released it in 2006 filled with all of the incredible recipes Jeanette had created over the many years. The legacy of Jeanette and Pat carried on through Debbie who continued to offer these wonderful products. After 17 years of making and selling these products, Debbie decided to sell the recipes in June 2009. This was a difficult decision to make, but one that was necessary at this time in her life. Over the years PJ's Gourmet became a fun, part-time job that allowed her to stay home with daughter Amanda and spend quality time with her Mom as her business partner. It was time for her to go back to work full-time now that Amanda was old enough to go to school all day. She knew the products needed someone who can travel and push the products they way they deserve to be promoted. Debbie is continuing to sell the cookbook on this site and will keep customers informed of where to buy the marinade and jalapeno sauces.
This story is from PJ Gourmets Website

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